Case Studies

Click on the icons on the map above for an overview of each case study, or on the links below for the full case study.

The full case study report by Charlotte Tindall can be found here


Gambian Red and Black Sole Fishery

Malagasy Octopus Fishery

Malagasy Shrimp Fishery

Mozambican Fisheries Surveillance

Mozambican Shallow Water Shrimp Fishery

Namibian Fisheries

Seychelles Hook and Line Fishery

Sierra Leone Community Fisheries

South African Hake Fishery

South African Rock Lobster Fishery

Zanzibar’s Village Fishermen Committees


Patagonian and Antarctic Toothfish Fisheries


Ashtamudi Short Neck Clam Fishery

Ben Tre Clam Fishery

Indonesian Blue Swimming Crab Fishery

Indonesian Sardine Fishery

Kyoto Prefecture Snow Crab Fishery

Negros Island Community Fisheries

Russian Sakhalin Salmon Fishery


Australian Northern Prawn Fishery

Australian Spencer Gulf Prawn Fishery

Fijian Subsistence Fisheries

New Zealand Sanford Fisheries

PNA Tuna Fishery


Baltic Sea Cod Fishery

Brixham Beam Trawl Fishery

Cornish Sardine Fishery

Icelandic Groundfish Fishery

Isle of Man Scallop Fishery

Lira Coastal Community Fishery

Norwegian Discard Ban

Prud’hommes de la Pêche

Scottish Groundfish Fishery

Scottish Pelagic Fishery

North America

Alaskan Bering Sea Crab Fishery

Alaskans Own

Bahamian Spiny Lobster Fishery

Baja California Red Rock Lobster Fishery

British Columbian Spiny Dogfish Fishery

California Morro Bay Groundfish Fishery

Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper Fishery

New England Groundfish & Scallop Fishery

New England’s Eliminator Trawl

North Pacific Halibut Fishery

West Coast Pacific Albacore Tuna Fishery

South America

Bahia Solano Community Fishery

Chilean Loco Fishery

Ecuadorian Mahi-mahi Fishery

Falkland Islands Fisheries

Peruvian Anchovy Fishery

Surinamese Atlantic Seabob Shrimp Fishery