REDD+ and Agricultural Drivers of Deforestation

In late 2011, the PRP commissioned three regional studies to examine the opportunities to increase production of key commodities without causing further deforestation in particular jurisdictions, as well as the investments and enabling policy frameworks required to realise those opportunities.

The studies looked at the following three case studies:

  1. soya and livestock in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil;
  2. palm oil in the province of Central Kalimantan, Indonesia;
  3. cocoa and palm oil in the Eastern and Western Regions of Ghana.

The three studies, available below at the following links, share common findings in terms of the upfront finance, policies and extension services to smallholders required to achieve this challenge. They also propose potential pilot projects which could be implemented to achieve this goal, but only if part of wider jurisdictional/regional policies intended to achieve the same outcome.

The key findings are also described in the following synthesis report:

The Prince’s Charities’ International Sustainability Unit, 2012.  “REDD+ and Agriculture: Key findings from Brazil, Ghana and Indonesia”.

Full studies

Boer et al., 2012. “Reducing agricultural expansion into forests in Central Kalimantan: analysis of implementation and financing gaps”.  Centre for Climate Risk and Opportunity Management, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia. 

Robbins and Baffoe, 2012. “Reducing agricultural expansion into forests in the Eastern and Western Regions of Ghana: analysis of implementation and financing gaps”, Doreo Partners, ProForest Initiative, London.

Strassburg et al., 2012. “Increasing Agricultural Output while Avoiding Deforestation: Proposals for Immediate Action”, International Institute for Sustainability, Rio de Janeiro.

Strassburg Relatório em Português


“REDD+ and Agricultural Drivers of Deforestation: Informing REDD+ Strategies and Programmes”

On 15th and 16th September 2010, the UK’s Department for International Development and The Prince’s Rainforests Project convened a meeting on “REDD+ and Agricultural Drivers of Deforestation: Informing REDD+ Strategies and Programmes”.

Using a range of current proposals as a template, this meeting provided an opportunity for a number of critical stakeholders to help define a variety of ways by which the agriculture sector can be constructively linked to REDD+ strategies and policies.

The outcomes of the meeting are summarised here.

The summaries of the proposals can be found here

Presentations made by participants can be found below:

Thursday 15th September – Morning session – Introductary presentation

Agricultural Commodity Sustainability Roundtables Overview (Dawn Robinson, Proforest Inititative)

Thursday 15th September – Morning session – Project Presentations:

Project Potico – Expanding palm oil onto degraded lands in Indonesia (Craig Hanson & Moray McLeish, WRI)

Project SHARP – Increasing palm oil smallholder yield productivity (Puvan Selvanathan, Sime Darby)

Sustainable Cattle Working Group (Eduardo Bastos, Dow)

Climate-Smart Agricultural Finance Facility: Linking increases in agricultural productivity and REDD+ in Ghana and Ethiopia (Michael Jenkins, Rebecca Asare & Charlotte Streck, NCRC & Forest Trends)

Large Scale Agriculture Intensification and Ecological Restoration of the Atlantic Rainforest (Bernardo Strassburg & Agnieszka Latawiec, Instituto GAEA)

Linking RTRS, REDD+ and reforestation on soy farms (Juliana Lopes and Jacques Vaney, Grupo A Maggi)

Thursday 15th September – Afternoon session presentations:

Building Bridges Between Commodity Roundtables and REDD+ (Dan Nepstad & Tracy Johns, IPAM)

Piloting Commodity Business Support Centres (CBSCs) in Soy, Palm Oil and Sugar Cane (Jan Marteen Dros, Solidaridad)

Financial Mechanisms for Linking Smallholders and Medium-scale farmers in RTRS, RSPO and Bonsucro with REDD+ (David Tepper, Forest Trends)

Jurisdictional-level pilot activities to link GCF state REDD plans with the Drivers of Deforestation (William Boyd, GCF)

RSPO Africa Training and Capacity Building Programme (Abraham Baffoe, Proforest Initiative)

Friday 16th September: Plenary session

Highlights of “The Role of Commodity Roundtables & Avoided Forest Conversioni in Subnational REDD+” meeting (Nathalie Walker, National Wildlife Federation)

Mitigation at the Farm-Forest Frontier: LInking Intensification and Institutions (Lini Wollenberg, CCAFS)


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